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Point Wilson Dart Internet sales website. Please note, our store is now directed to our main site, Squid Lures for ease of shopping and security. DartJigs.com sells Pt. Wilson Dart Jigs & provides helpful tips for using Point Wilson Dart jigs for Salmon, Halibut, bottomfish, tuna and any other fish that will take an imitation baitfish jig. At DartJigs.com we also sell specially designed fish-attracting scent that sticks to your Pt. Wilson Darts. You can also read fishing articles about fishing with jigs and visit our photo gallery and how-to fish jigs page, complete with diagrams and detailed information about fishing with Dart Jigs.  Click Here for Web Specials and close out specials for Point Wilson Dart Jigs, Pick a hook & unpackaged Point Wilson Dart Jigs  <<<

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Point Wilson Dart Candlefish jigs, A.K.A. "Needlefish Jigs" "Sandlance Jigs"

John Beath's Concentrated Super Scent was developed for use by anglers for anglers! It has the very best bait ingredients including: Herring, Squid, Shrimp, Salmon, Crab & Octopus. Super Scent Paste csticks to metal jigs and gives fish the true smell of a baitfish. Super Scent for Point Wilson Dart jigs comes in a tube or jar for easy application.

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