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In 1981, when Point Wilson Company was founded, and for many years after, summer evenings would find this beach nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with fishermen. Their quarry? King salmon! Now salmon caught from a boat are exciting enough. But a king salmon hooked from a gently sloping beach is an experience to remember! From setting the hook to landing the fish (if you're lucky) it's nothing but heart-pounding, reel-smoking excitement.

The salmon came into this little cove to feed on the incredible abundance of candlefish present there. They would swim within inches of the shoreline, sometimes swimming behind fishermen standing in the water with hip boots on. In peak season, a dozen or more fish might be taken from this beach every evening. The largest recorded was 53 pounds! And twenty-pounders were not uncommon.

At the time, there was no lure which imitated, or even looked like a candlefish. In recognition of this need, Point Wilson Company was begun in a basement workshop. Our first product was a -ounce casting jig (since discontinued), shaped and painted to look like a candlefish. We named it the Point Wilson DART, and it was an instant sensation. Thus began our twenty-five year quest to build the most realistic, highest quality fishing jigs available. We hope you agree that we've succeeded!











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