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All Point Wilson Darts come packaged with treble hooks.

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All of the Point Wilson Dart Jig series, including Candlefish & Anchovies catch hundreds of species of fish in both fresh and saltwater.  The owners of Dartjig.com use the jigs from Brazil to Alaska.

Most recently, co-owner of Dartjigs.com, John L. Beath, N.W. editor of Western Outdoors Magazine, used the new Glow/Chrome Anchovy for Oregon coast albacore. While fishing with Del Stevens, noted Oregon coast albacore expert, Stevens watched for jumping albacore and then as quietly as possible motored to within 100 yards.

Once within range, Stevens began spraying the water with his wash down station spray nozzle. The sprinkling of water simulated baitfish on the surface and helped attract the jumpers to the boat. Stevens also chummed with dead anchovies and cut up pieces of squid. Beath used the Glow Anchovy 3 3/4 ounce model, and hooked fish at the surface and as deep as 150 feet.

Beath's largest catch, a 37 1/2 pounder, hit his Glow Anchovy Dart Jig at 150 feet. Stevens explained that the bigger albacore typically swim beneath school, which proved correct on that late September day.

Beath also says the six and eight ounce candlefish jig is the single most productive  halibut lure in the world. "If I could have only one lure for halibut it would be an eight ounce white Candlefish Point Wilson Dart Jig," says Beath. "With that jig I can quickly reach bottom and keep the jig there. It also helps me find out if any halibut are in the area."

On a trip to Craig Alaska in 2007 Beath fished offshore with six other anglers. When they drifted over an area filled with chicken-sized halibut he switched from using his favorite bait rig to a white candlefish. With so many fish around it made perfect sense to try and catch as many fish as possible, have fun on light tackle and try to sort through the fish and only keep the biggest fish. By day's end, Beath hooked and released 64 halibut on the same eight ounce Pearl White Candlefish Point Wilson Dart Jig.  Jump to Store 

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