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Copyright 2006 DartJigs.com               Halibut love Pt. Wilson Darts!

This 70+ pound halibut took a 6-inch white Point Wilson Dart Candlefish. The angler, John L. Beath, Northwest editor of Western Outdoors Magazine, fished with Rocky DaQuisto, owner of Point Wilson Darts. This halibut and several others were taken in B.C. waters near Port Renfrew.

Notice how the Pt. Wilson Dart jig is missing paint. This jig caught several hundred pounds of fish that day. As a side note, the angler used 10-pound test line!

Halibut love white jigs!!!

If you could only fish for halibut with one color of jig, choose white.



Big halibut really do love Point Wilson Dart jigs.

Whether you decide to fish for halibut in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia or Alaska, halibut will go for a Point Wilson Dart jig.


Be sure to choose a rod that can handle BIG halibut like this one. And bring a fighting belt to aid in your battle to the top.

Big halibut will put a strain on your tackle and you, so remember to keep a straight back and use your legs to help you fight the fish.

Here's a tip, where a back brace to help keep your back straight. A common delivery driver type Velcro back brace is inexpensive and easy to find at Lowes or Home Depot. These back braces also help steady your back when pounding through rough ocean conditions.

Be safe and stay healthy when fishing with Pt. Wilson Dart jigs. You'll have a much better time if you follow this advice.

If you catch a nice halibut this coming season, while using a Point Wilson Dart jig, please send us a picture so we can post it here or on our Jigging Photo Gallery.

Good luck this coming season!



Copyright DartJigs.com 2006